Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bola itu yang dipanggil BAA~

Last night while papa was busy playing ps2 i was browsing the web beside the sleeping faris.

All of the sudden faris woke up..rubbing his eyes and sat down properly. Then with his eyes wide open he pointed out his finger at the pillow and he shouted...BAA!!(means ball)

I was like so puzzled..where got ball on the bed?Mamat ni nak main bola ke hape tgh malam ni??

Puzzled still, but the next thing i know is he went back to sleep..ceh~

Itulaa dia org kalau dah kemaruk bola. Tak cukup seharian main bola time tido pon bole teringat bola lagi..hehe!

He looks very cute though...aww~i should've recorded that adengan mengigau..hehe!

Anyway, faris seems to ignore other toys that i bought for him and only focus in playing the ball. Huaa~sedey tau...beli mahal2 anak tak main. Akhirnya bola seploh ringgit jugak yang dikendong ke sana sini.

Baa~itulaa yang ditendang, dibaling, ditanduk..yee, cita2 faris sangat besar. Apa shj yg org besar buat depan dia, pasti dia nak ikut. Sangat bersungguh2. Dalam byk2 cucu mak aku...faris sorang je yang gilakan bola...drp bgn tido sampai nak tido..hanya baa dalam ingatan..kaki bola sejati ni.

Badan faris pon dah semakin susut. Tido waktu siang pon setakat sejam lebih je. Waktu lain banyak dihabiskan berlari sana sini. Hmm~tak bola nak buat apa dah...budak lelaki..dah sampai masa dia lasak camni.

Dulu saya tak lasak..saya tau baring je..masa tu baa pon saya tak tau menatang hape..hehe~

Monday, January 25, 2010

Lalalala~mari kita kerja!

Kusut, pening kepala...rasa nak muntah.

Itulah perasaan yang sama aku alami setiap kali datang keje. Nak kata volume keje banyak, dulu lagi mmg macam ni...jadi aku sangat tak paham kenapa agaknya lately aku macam ni.

Mengandung?Ohh, tidakk~

BP naik? Tensen pon mintak dijauhkan..

Mata problem? Kemungkinan besar sebab long hours tgk komputer..sigh~

Tapi itu semua fenomena hari kerja sahaja. Hari minggu mende ni semua tak terjadi…especially kalau pegi sale…tgk tag harga yang ade mcm2 warna pon aku tak pening. Isetan sale, Sogo sale, Jusco sale… blablabla…itu semua keindahan, elok utk mata aku…hehe~

Oleh kerana hari ni dah kembali bekerja...kepalaku kusut seperti biasa...ohh, cepatla hari sabtu~

Friday, January 22, 2010


What is the purpose of having a blog?

My purpose of having this blog is nothing more than to update my frens and those who care to read about my life. If you ask me whether i've been actively viewing others' blog and care to drop a comment, the answer is no. However, it does not mean that i don't give a damn about my frens. I treasure friendship in a real life rather than virtually..traditional i am.

As a blog writer, my thought would not be the same with the rest. Same goes to the contents of my writing. There is no hard and fast rule. I'm free to write anything i like but i wont condemn/review about others blog in my writing. For me it's a never ending stories. I'm far from perfect and i tend to make mistake too.

Life is too short. Let's cherish every moment of our life!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Family activities

Ever since we got to know each other, we shared so many activities together.Papa is such an active person, he used to be an active bowling playe
r, he's a good sports player, he loves to challenge himself with new things, a very fun person indeed. I learnt so much from him. I used to restrict myself to so many things..negative i used to be...but he changed me..

After we got married, with faris around ,we dont limit ourselves just by staying home. Sometimes we went out with his friends, karaoke, went to play bowling with my families...sometimes we choose not to bring faris because of the inconvenience or because it's his bed time. We do bring him with us under special circumstances....especially when our maid is not around.

Saya carik mama saya...tapi di mana yee dia?

Faris at ampang bowl..trying so hard to accept the fact that he cannot play with the bowling ball, he thought it's the BAA! (ball) he used to play at home..hehe!

Faris is not a fussy boy. He learn to adapt with the surroundings very quickly. The other day i just want to try out to see whether he can cope staying in the karaoke room..failing which i would take him out somewhere else. But he's being so cool..clapping his hand and it really looks like he's having fun. Btw, we went to karaoke in the afternoon for err,3 hours...ohh, i seriously worried about him. Nevertheless, im happy that he's ok...but this is not an encouragement for me to bring him to the karaoke session again...noo~wont do it again.

Faris @ Redbox. Clapping his hands while listening to the songs..excited gamaknye!

I admit that it's easier to move around now that he can walk except when we're at a very crowded places...i just let him stay in the stroller. Btw, faris old stroller is very bulky so we decided to buy a new one...i regret buying the old consumed space, even a 7 seater car looks like 5 seater with the stroller around. We bought Graco Mojo Buggy...easier to move around with this, the bad side is only the price...way expensive. We're really gonna use this stroller for a very looong time! Trust me.

Inilaa perompak yang merompak kami (stroller, bukan faris)...jika terjumpa sila report pak polisi yea~

Anyway..i mentioned that i received a gift for our wedding anniversaries from papa. I said that i like it eventhough my heart says no..such a drama queen kan?Huhuu...after consulting with my frens i finally made up my mind that the gift is not really that bad. I never requested for such an expensive item from i feel really bad when he bought me E75. In fact, i really feel down that i dont think so anybody would understand how i felt. I confronted papa and we sat together and talk heart to heart. I told him i dont need any expensive item from fact i want him to know that i dont want to burden him..i am different from any woman out there. He comforted me saying that he bought that only for my convenience and because he hate giving a handbag as wedding anniversaries gift...lerr~tu je reason die?at least handbag is more cheaper,k!

We are ok now..i learn to accept the gift...without further complaint. We haven't thought about going anywhere for the anniversaries..we'll see how..actually tak pegi pon takpe kan??Hmmmm~

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hectic saturday

Last saturday we went 2 sogo preview sale.the traffic jam to the crowd,its almost impossible 2 move around from one place 2's even difficult 2 choose an item with evrybody pushing around..gosh!

I end up buying nthg but papa on the other hand bought a gift 4 our wedding really likey!

Thanx papa!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


2-3 hari ni aku balik awal tanpa papa. Teksi mahal cekik darah...sampai aku plak terasa nak bawak teksi (tu cita-cita u know aku tak reti bawak kete pon...huhu)

Bukak2 pintu faris dah menunggu depan pintu bersorak tanda gembira...hehe,bestnya kne sambut!Tengok je muka faris hilang semua problem..tetibe cam gugur semua masalah dlm otak aku...camni la realiti dah ada anak...powerful cure to all sorts of problem...melainkan kalo die sendiri yang buat problem...haaa~itu lain cite!

Btw, one of my colleague just got married. Since we are not close so i dont get the invitation to the wedding. Anyway, we called her gucci original..because last time when we saw her carrying the gucci bag..we prenteded like we are so kampung...and asked her the brand of the bag...she replied saying..."ooh~ni gucci original!" do you have to mention that it's original???

Back to the story...she came to work today with a laptop...which means there will be video of her wedding and also tons of photos. She went on calling everybody passing by her cubicle and invited them to watch her video (music to the max) and she keep on doing so for so many times until i really pissed off..vetting agreement while listening to the loud music...sigh~ (hello~somebody is trying to work here~)

No im not jealous of's rather irritating to see someone trying so hard to get the attention of others. She will show her wedding photos and the same question will be repeated to everyone.."cantik tak?, meletup tak??"

She'll be leaving us soon (despite the fictional position she said she was offered)...i bet her new colleague would end up listening to the same question, "cantikkah??" "meletupkah??"

P/s: otak aku nak meletup adela...huhuu~banyak nye keje!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby boy-big boy!

As day goes by, i realized that faris is no longer a small baby. He's a big boy now! I often denied the facts that he's getting bigger by calling him "mama's baby/baby".

At 1 yr 2mths..he can do amazing things all by himself and im proud of him. He can laugh at our joke, he can run, he can eat by himself, he even practiced bouncing the ball everyday (obviously he's not a fan of a football). When asked to point out his body part..he'll do it with ease provided he's in a v good mood..hehe!

Faris first attempt eating independently..clap-clap!

Faris can be very tricky especially when it involves his papa...out of the sudden he can cried out sape plak yg pukul mamat ni~hmm...such a drama king! Oohh, and one of his interesting one i would say...he likes to do tap dance..which in his case he looks exactly like happy feet penguins..soo cute tau!Aku tak rase aku suke tgk happy feet masa mengandungkan faris...or did i?hmmm~macam2 faris ni..

Faris running around the mall...wee~seronoknyee!

See...he's got a lot of agenda in his the first instance nmpk niat murni nak main mainan thing u know...die baling mainan tu...huhuu~

Ohh, how fast time flies..he's one year now...pejam celik he'll be in the kindergarden later on..then he'll be joining school...sometimes i just hope that i can freeze this very moment...the moment that he cannot let go of my hand while we were walking, i love the fact that he relied so much on us...see the way he manja2 and golek2 atas katil...such a precious moments for me. Guess i have to come back to baby wont be a baby forever...i'll have to let him grow...let him achieve in whatever he's pursuing...let him be a man.

Aww~guess this is such a motherly feeling... i think my mom would have experienced the same too. So emotional yet happy for my baby.

On the new year's eve, i asked papa..what's his resolution for 2010? Know what he replied...

Nak bagi adik utk faris....sempat ni bersalin kalo bln 11 (sambil muke selambe hisap rokok)

Gullpppp~salah soalan rupenye aku ni...huhuu~defeat purpose akunye resolution thn ni nak kuruskan badan....huaa~

Monday, January 4, 2010

My 2010

Everybody has been updating their blog and posted their first entry for 2010. Me on the other hand just couldn't find the right time to blog.

I started this year feeling so unwell,yepp...i was having fever on the very first day of 2010. So i spent the whole day lying on the bed..sleeping. My friend, Reen and Wan Z smsed me informing that they're coming over to have a lunch at my place.Usually, I would feel enthusiastic and so i would end up cooking a lot of dishes. However, due to my condition on that day...i just replied their sms saying..aku demam, makan pizza bole?And they all decided not to drop by sbb aku demam. Huhuhu...kesian diorg/aku..takpat nak join lepak same2.

Actually the whole day mood aku macam hampeh.Memikirkan yang aku takleh kemane2..urghh~akhirnya papa desak aku pi klinik. Kirenye aku celebrate new year dgn makan ubat, tdo sepanjang hari...boring siot.

Esoknya, rasa dah baik sikit...aku ckp kat papa, jom kite gi jln tar/sogo! Papa agreed aje sbb die tau smlm muke aku macam tapai sbb tak dapat keluar. Jadi, keluar la kami seawal pukul 12tghri...waktu faris tgh lena tido...kami keluar senyap2...tinggalkan faris, aku tak suke bawak dia ke tempat sesak...dia rimas, aku pon rimas.

Tempat pertama dituju...kedai tudung!Hehe...aku ni penggemar tudung murah...jadik kene adventerous skit masuk lorong2 kedai satu persatu.Bila hati dah berkenan...main sambar aje aku end up beli 7 helai sbb murah kan..semua sekali kurang drp RM130.

Then kami masuk sogo...aku dah dilarang singgah kedai tudung, papa bagi amaran/jelingan tajam..hehe!Kami makan tghhari di sogo...pastu...aku buat2 naik escalator sambil buat2, pa!kite nak singgah redbox ke?Soklan pancing terbaik thn ini...haha!

Kami dok melalak sakan drp pkl 3-6ptg...pastu cepat2 balik sbb nak join family aku main bowling...acara tahunan kami. Balik, mandi, amik faris then trus pecut ke metro point kajang. The so called tournament started at disebabkan ade org gian nak main..(mereka semua, abg2 aku, papa kecuali aku) ...kitorg settle sume pukul 12mlm.Adela few snapshot dat lenkali ajela aku upload gamba malam tu.

Phew, banyak ek aktiviti aku ari sabtu tu!

Hari ahad pulak kitorg cuma keluar pi rmh org kawen and beli brg dapur kat giant. Masing2 dah tak laratt~