Thursday, December 31, 2009

~2009 in a review~

Salam all! It's been a while now since my last entry.Guess this is the right time to blog..since it's the end of 2009. I welcome 2010 with optimism...hoping for a new experience and new opportunities a year ahead!

I considered 2009 as a wonderful year for me and my family although there were some dramatic moments to be handled but i guess that thought me to be more mature and more thoughtful of others.

This year is a meaningful year for us. We bought a house...a v small one but enough for the 3...errm, 4 of us ( nope,im not's the maid). With extra $$ we also managed to renovate the house and bought necessary stuffz...cos the only thing we have at that moment was the bedroom set..hehe...kesian. But then again, buying this house is the best deal ever. The owner of this house, a chinese guy is really kind enough.. he sold the house together with 2 airconds, kitchen cabinet, built in wardrobe and also water pump at a reasonable price. Best deal ever~

Eventhough the $$ went kapooff...we finally have our own house...the one we always dream of. Cos we bought everything in one go..maka pokaila jawabnye bln2 yg berikutnyee...ahaha~

Entertaining guess is no longer a problem..for us.

We also bought a new car...the one that papa really wished for all this while. His wish comes happy for him! Actually we bought the car first then the house...the house comes later because it was unplanned. If we bought the house earlier, we wont buy the car. No planning it is..nak buat camne,hehe. Since im the one paying for the installment (papa paid d/payment), he insisted that i drive the car to work..but i believe LRT is more convenient nowadays (it's a lame excuse..i just dunno how to drive...haha!)

For illustration only~kereta sebenar bukan spt gambar.

So basically we started of with almost nothing and now we've got it all. Alhamdulillah...kami bersyukur atas pemberianNYA. Kami sentiasa berdoa dimurahkan rezeki dan diberi kebahagiaan dunia dan akhirat.

Ooh, not to mention I was also offered for the current position early this year. With the new surroundings and new friends i managed to cope very well. Despite the facts that i may have some issues with the B..i guess it's normal everywhere.

This year...i hope to become a hardworking, goal-oriented worker, an understanding and supportive wife, a good and caring mother to faris and most important of all, a better person than who i am today. One more wish...i wish to become more slimmer and goal,k!

Happy new year 2010!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday fever

Today am not feelin well. Semalam terkena hujan...malam tadi terus rasa tak sedap badan.Hmm~i thought the help of panadol would do the magic..guess not.

So this morning i woke up feeling soooo uncomfortable with my body aching...temperature was not that high but still...i can't even stand up properly. I told papa..."mama tak sihat la paa~" and he opened his eyes and angguk then sleep again..huhh~that's explained why even faris threw his pacifier to his papa in order to wake him up....susah tauu org tua ni nak bangun!

I sms my reply, as i thought...guess i'll be in big trouble tomorrow.She'll surely show me her long face and i'll be surely kena bet!

Hopefully tomorrow i'll feel much better...the doctor said i am having a viral fever..huuh~wats dat?

Friday, December 11, 2009

Faris the picky eater...again

This is the second time i wrote about faris being a picky eater.
Actually, last week faris was having a very (yes, very!) high fever and it went on for 3 days in a row. We went to the clinics twice but the feedback were just the same. Huuhh~i can no longer apply an EL due to the advice of my boss..

So wat i'm trying to say is that during and after he fully recovered from the fever(i.e. on the 5th day), he showed no interest in foods. In fact until now, he refused to eat. I tried to cook a variety of recipes but none suited his taste bud....huaa~payahnyeee...

Today is a public holiday for me pekerja selangor....but then again...not working made me tried my very best to recipe down..i tried another..and another.....until i finally gave up. And now, even though it's already midnight... im still thinking the menu for my baby. Menu utk adults pon tak
susah camni tau...sob sob~

At the end of the day...we'll just feed him with this sbb ni jelah yg tekak dia masih bole terima. yg ni saje...perasa lain2 reject ye.

The savior!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be nice!

After graduating from University, me and my friends have ever since separated. Some went back to their hometown...while some still staying in KL. A friend of mine even went far and away to Japan to follow her husband pursuing his study there.

I met so many people especially after graduating...while doing my chambering and also while working. I enjoy being friends with others.. regardless of their background and history.Back then while i was doing my chambering with A&W...i used to go to court...goint to the registry...urm...quite keje bodo they called..file search etc. But the bottom line is i dont find it a hassle to deal with thecourt staff. Why? Because i always believe that when we're being nice to others...they too will learn to be nice to us. The result is..i was able to dig out those old2 files from the court and able to extract some of the judgments that was never been found before.

Even until now i still practised the same value. Be nice to others.

But then again, are we supposed to only be nice to others to gain benefit for our own? Definitely not! There are few people who have tried to corrupt me with their thinking...saying that we should ONLY be nice to those who have special interest. But then again, who cares what they think!

At the end of the day, i just want to be known as someone who is being nice and thoughtful to the others. I dont want to end up being someone who always messed with people even their own I still lived in the society which requires good communication between each others and not to mention a very2 thoughtful mind.

Wherever i go...i met with wonderful people. They helped me become who i am today. Although there were and are some bad apples among the good glad that my perspectives to people are still the same. Talking about the good ones...i missed my ex-classmates back in uni and also my dock brief friends.

Oh, wat a good memories i have with them!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tragic accident

Pagi ni lepak-lepak..aku sempat baca suratkhabar metro. Hmm..frontpage story is about akhil hayy..heh~i dont give a damn about his story pon...but the one that caught my attention is about an old pedestrian's death while crossing a road near Pasar Borong Selayang. It was such a tragic death indeed...tubuh mangsa lumat digilis kereta. Ish, ngeri..ngeri!

Here's the news extracted from Metro Online. Difahamkan ada jejantas sebenarnye di tempat kejadian. I have to admit, me myself pon sometimes malas nak guna jejantas. I guess this news is one good lesson for me and for all out there who fails to observe the safety measures. Mungkin hari ni tak kena esok lusa better be careful from now on. Actually aku dulu penah accident masa melintas jalan near lrt damai,kl. Masa tu jejantas takde tapi lintasan zebra ade...aku tak gune pon. So masa melintas, i only managed to cross halfway thru...jadi bila dah berdiri tengah jalan di tgh jalan yg sesak tau2 jelah...nak ke belakang tak bole ke depan lagi tak bole. Mamat yang langgar aku bwk motor...dia perasan aku kat tgh tu....tapi aku tatau la..high kot pepagi bute...bole die langgarnye aku...huhh~ Mujur, aku terjatuh je...alhamdulillah terselamat drp perkara yg tak diingini...dahla tinggal berapa bulan je lagi nak kawen masa tu.

Apapun, ucapan takziah buat keluarga mangsa.

Tubuh lumat kena lenyek

Oleh Mohd Jamilul Anbia Md Denin

GOMBAK: Mengerikan apabila seorang wanita warga emas yang cuba melintas jalan digilis puluhan kereta hingga tubuhnya hancur dan menjadi daging lumat sekelip mata.

Lebih menyedihkan apabila tubuh mangsa yang putus seperti kepala, tangan dan kaki berselerakan di atas jalan hingga menyebabkan polis trafik terpaksa mengutip dan mengumpulnya.

Tugas mengutip cebisan mayat berkenaan terpaksa dilakukan dalam hujan lebat selain dihambat kesesakan lalu lintas.

Sumber polis berkata, kemalangan berlaku kira-kira jam tujuh pagi semalam, apabila mangsa cuba melintas jalan berhampiran jejantas pejalan kaki di Pasar Borong Selayang arah ke Rawang, di sini. Menurutnya, mangsa yang enggan menggunakan jejantas berhampiran sanggup mempertaruhkan nyawanya melintas jalan raya terbabit walaupun menyedari laluan terbabit sedang sibuk dengan kenderaan.

“Bagaimanapun ketika cuba melintas jalan, mangsa dipercayai dirempuh sebuah kenderaan sebelum terpelanting atas jalan raya. Berikutan itu mangsa digilis oleh beberapa kenderaan lain yang gagal mengelak dari arah belakang.

“Berdasarkan siasatan awal, polis percaya mangsa turut dirempuh oleh lori mengakibatkan badannya putus. Malah mangsa turut diseret beberapa kenderaan lain sejauh lebih 20 meter,” katanya.

Menurutnya, mayat mangsa ditemui dalam keadaan hancur pada bahagian kepala selain putus kedua-dua kaki. Malah ketika ditemui mangsa dalam keadaan sudah tidak berpakaian.

“Keadaan tubuh mangsa yang berkecai menyebabkan polis sukar mengenal pasti identitinya. Bagaimanapun polis menemui kad pengenalan milik seorang wanita bernama Lee Ghee Heong, 76, beralamat di Lampung Lal Singh, Kuala Kangsar, Perak.

“Susulan kejadian itu, polis trafik mengambil masa kira-kira setengah jam bagi mengutip dan mengumpul sisa cebisan mayat mangsa yang berteraburan di sepanjang jalan berkenaan,” katanya.

Difahamkan, kejadian kemalangan itu turut menyebabkan laluan jalan raya sesak sepanjang hampir dua kilometer. Cebisan mayat mangsa kemudian dihantar ke Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) untuk bedah siasat.

Menurutnya, polis sehingga kini masih cuba mengesan beberapa kenderaan yang dipercayai terbabit dalam kemalangan ngeri itu.

Orang ramai yang mempunyai maklumat berhubung kemalangan ngeri itu diminta menghubungi polis atau talian RakanCop 03-21159999 untuk membantu siasatan lanjut.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wall deco sticker anyone?

The stickers!

Last month i bought this wall sticker from the flea market at Amcorp Mall, PJ. I was actually searching for some other things but end up buying this sticker instead...hee~

The stall from which i bought this sticker sell a variety of wall stickers. They have catalogs for easy browsing and they are selling the sticker for a cheaper price compared to others too. Lucky..lucky, Im lucky to get a price of RM27 for such sticker...else i will end up paying more i.e. RM39.90 (market price).

The stickers are made from korea..and unlike those pasar malam/RM2 shop..the stickers are indeed a high quality one. It wont leave any residue after you pulled it out. In fact, i even relocate the stickers so many times and it is harmless to the wall paint nor the stickers itself. However, relocating the stickers are very tiring. indeed..its really feel like playing jigsaw puzzle..although mine is not that challenging enough...haha!

You way want to browse their website. Do compare the prices before buying...who knows they might increased the prices..tak pepasal aku yg salah kang. Also choose wisely...i admit browsing the catalog bole buat kita rambang mata..careful,careful!

The website:
Other website:

Im eyeing for the glow in the dark stickers for cute!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha

Semalam aku cuti...adela few attempts nak blogging, tapi mati kutu takde idea. Heh~klaka pon ade, bile aku penat gile yang sampai tak larat nak on laptop...
idea mencurah2 datang...banyak mende aku nak cite. Skali bile dah dok lepak kat rumah...perghh~blank kepale otak aku.

Raya Haji tahun ni cam biase balik umah mak aku...makan nasik dagang, nasik lemak, lontong...nyum,nyum...superrb!! So far missing in action tadi abang no.3 aku...die dah cabut balik kg pepagi bute...hehe~semoga berjaya mengelak jam! Yang lain2 (beserta aku...kihkih) lepas makan kekenyangan macam ular sawa. Faris pulak time ni la yang paling dia suka....mencuri perhatian org ramai...time ni la dia nak joget mak lemah die, time ni la dia nak bertepuk tangan...hehe~ade ciri2 penghibur sungguh anak aku ni.

Esok, kami sekeluarga balik halaman papa. Tak tido sana pon...saja nak balik melawat pakcik papa yang tak berapa sihat. Aku dah packed up essential stuffz for faris...but almost everytime...bukannya barang faris yang tak cukup b
wk...brg mama dan papa die yang selalu sangat tertinggal.

Aku lupe nak cite pasal faris. Mgg lepas aku and papa decided to cut his hair...dah panjang sgt takut masuk mata nanti. Ni haa gamba die...yang kelakarnye, aku panggil die botak...die bole cepat2 toleh tau jek die org panggil die. To tell u the truth...aku tak bape gemar faris botak camni...nampak cam budak nakal...but wat to do...rambut dah panjang sgt...nak alter...belum pandai lagi rasenye die...mesin arini anak buah aku panggil faris....MAWI....yeww, of all the people...why mawi....ohoo~

Cubaan melarikan diri..."Lari, mama nak amik for yer life!!"

See told ya, muka faris extra nakal with this new hairdo



Monday, November 23, 2009


Hi all...lame gile tak update. Agak bz nowadays...hehe, skang aku dan papa kemaruk main game PS2 Tiger Wood PGA Tour. Tak berape nak semenggah jugakla....heee~aku tau!

Bz dgn faris pon iye jgk...dia pon makin lincah skang kalo tak dapat kehendak hati dia...hmmm~habis barang mainan dia campak. Tapi dalam byk2 barang mainan dia...bola jek yang paling dia suka...gamaknye macam papa dia jgklaa besar nanti...kaki bola...jgn ikut macam mama...kaki bangku..haha~

Tajuk entry dah melalut kat tempat lain plak. Actually, last week we went to watch 2012 @ TGV KLCC. Umat manusia...fuuuhhh~ramai gile ok. We managed to get the tickets cos i purchased it from TGV online. Hassle free...tak payah nak rushing2, tmpt pon pilih yang kat tengah2, just nice.

Overall 2012 was not that great enough spt yang diura2kan. Jalan cerita agak kosong. The CG was impressive though...but that's all. The so called "humanity" agak dibuat2.. rase cam menyampah pon ade.

Well, ade few parts yang membuatkan aku menangis...especially time bumi hancur yang mana dalam hati aku berkata, "Ya Allah, sesungguhnya amalan aku selama ni tak pernah cukup...dan aku tak pernah bersedia utk kiamat" Insaf...mmg insaf!

Aku akui sedikit sebanyak filem ni byk memberi kesedaran kpd kita umat Islam tapi bukan sepenuhnya...sbb di akhir cerita sebenarnya kiamat itu tiada...tapi hanya satu permulaan kehidupan yang baru bagi mereka yg terselamat drp bencana alam.

Yang paling penting...lepas tgk 2012...papa kate this is gonna be the last time we ever gonna watch a movie at cinema. semua disebabkan 2012 yang maha lama...bontot sampai cramp gile...jalan cerita yang jap klimaks jap anti klimaks...maka tu lah keputusan papa and it's final.

So no more watching movies at cinema...kesian kat aku. Tapi, aku sempat bgtau papa..err, kalo takleh tgk wayang...kite pi tempat lain la...

Manekah tempat itu?

* my dream laaa~Oh sudah..aku nak pi masak mi udang horliao hohoho kat papa...nanti tido jek aku mimpi psl karaoke.

(*Note: aku masih insaf lagi spt yang dikatekan despite keinginan nak pi karaoke..iyee~betul!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dunia keparat..ops, korporat

Yea...pejam celik dah hari khamis. Best gile sbb jumaat aku cuti....saje nak abiskan annual leave aku.
..suke gile ok!

Like i said in my previous entry..hari isnin tu mmg malas gile nak pi keje. Sampai opis lagi sakit ati tgk email reminder (as if I'm too difficult to manage)...but then aku buat bodo and abaikan perasaan marah aku...yang mane saki bakinye masih menjadi modal umpatan aku... hehe!Nak emo layankan perasaan marah memang takkan sudah.

Senang crite...aku consider otaknye memang mereng...aku malas nak layan. Life goes on...keje lagila kene goes on kan kalo tak haruuu...huhuhu~

This is the ugly of the corporate eats dog world...either we survive
or we quit. Quitting is never an option for me as I have a very2 big responsibility towards faris. Kalo belum kawen dulu...rase tak suka.....lompat!

Sekarang....jangan kan nak lompat...nak berjalan setapak pon takut tergolek. Takpelah, aku pasti ade hikmah disebalik semua yang terjadi....jadi buat masa ni.....aku masih di sini....buat keje sebaik yg boleh...hmmm~

Gulp~Horror gile!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Termenung di hari minggu

Last friday my boss and i had a quick chat. I've been working at this company for almost 6 mths++ so she thought it's best to re-evaluate my performance.

The beginning was always the best part...puji2an first then tanpa disedari...kutukan2/ komen membina. I wasn't too overwhelmed by the pujian cos i knew there must be some hidden agenda behind the quick chat. A boss won't simply call you just to say good things about you...heh~that would be the last thing in their mind.

In short, she said I'm too selamba and that I'm holding back in giving it all to the company. I'm also not supposed to befriend with people especially those she does'nt like...i.e. advisable not to talk to anyone but work and work and work! Sometimes aku rasa dia umpama ketam mengajar anak berjalan...dia nasihatkan aku tapi dia sendiri buat tak sedar...huhhh~

Kuku besi?yup...that's wat i've been thinking the whole weekend.

Boring gile aku nak masuk opis isnin ni.....sigh~

Friday, November 13, 2009

Birthday celebration for faris & papa

Alhamdulillah..terlaksana juga hasrat kami nak buat majlis harijadi pertama buat faris. Thanx to dear papa whom is very thoughtful in organizing the bday party @ McD. Memang aku nak buat kat rumah asalnya...nak masak sendiri...tapi papa takmo aku penat2 masak dan mengemas...organizing the bday party at McD was his idea and it turns out he was right...even tak buat apa pon terasa penat..kalau masak sendiri dan mengemas surely...sgt2 penat ok...hehe~

Birthday celebration faris was held on 7.11.2009 @ McD

Faris menunggu ketibaan tetamu terhormat..."ish..lambatnye dorg ni mama!"

Ni laa tetamu terhormat faris...sepupu2 kesayangan faris!

The birthday cake...looks nice but the taste...bueek~this is definately going to be the last time im gonna buy a 3D cake from secret recipe...yuks!

Faris sibuk main dengan kaklong sofia...wee~seronoknye main belon!

Sesi makan...time ni memang berterabur habis...kalau kat rumah...huuuhh~penatnye aku nak mengemas!

Aidil, Tasha & Ailin seronok makan kek...well, actually the outer layer tu jek yg tak sedap...hehe!
Org kat belakang tu nmpk buat dek je kat anak2 die..rupenye die dah blasah aaku punye big mac...huaaaa~angah kijaammm!!

Gambar kami beramai2..semua senyum kecuali Faris yg tgh sibuk dengan belon dia..
My eldest bother couldn't make it since he's working @ indonesia...biarpun tak ramai...dan sederhana...we all have fun especially the kids & faris.

Majlis dah tamat...thanks all for coming! Ada rezeki kami buat lagi tahun depan...heee~

Oleh kerana makanan ade tak abis...aku tapaukan utk anak2 buah aku. Air coke...jadi takde siapa yang nak tapau...semuanya aku tinggalkan jek...nak buang pon buang ler...jangan jual balik sudah...hehe~

So kami tinggalkan bilik yg bersepah tu dgn perasaan yg lega sbb tau tu bukan rumah kami...jadi tak payah sibuk nak mengemas...huhhh~ lega! So sorry gambar makanan aku terlupa nak ambik...lapar sgt gamaknye...ape pon tak ingat.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

P1 Wimax yg macam cipan


You heard me right...P1 wimax mmg mcm much as iklan potong is a joke...p1 wimax itself must be some kinda joke..but not funny though. It took me forever to download a low resolution photo...urghh~cipan sungguh!! (ye cipan...cos more appropriate for tayangan umum..haha)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Family potret

Tonight, aku dan papa pi tengok papadom at TGV KLCC. Pheww~lama sungguh tak tgk wayang...kekok sungguh rasanya.....last time aku pi tgk wyg dgn papa was way before i was pregnant. Hehe...lama gile ok!

Papadom okla...recommended for family viewing. Sampaikan sorg akak depan aku ni pon bole bwk the whole family termasuk anak kecik dia yg sebaya faris tgk papadom...kesian aku tgk bdk tu...sampai tertido dlm cinema...sebab nangis pon mak dia tak bwk klua...melekat buntut mak dia agaknye~Review dr laa...klakar tp tak cukup power mcm movies arwah yasmin. Nice try though!

Crite psl family...aku lupa nak upload our very first family potret...we've collected from the photo studio since last week disebabkan takde soft copy dan aku kne snap guna kamera....maka lambatla upload. Here it goes!


Faris wont smile despite the numerous attempt by the cameraman to make him smile..kesian aku kat cameraman tu...last2 dia kata..."aiya~ini budak manyak susah senyum aa...takpe...mak bapak kasi senyum besar2!"


Monday, November 2, 2009

Today is the big day

The birthday boy!

Yup!today is the big day for faris who just turns one year old.Can't believe how fast time flies...pheww~It's one year after i gave birth to my lil angel....a lot has happened to us,mostly good ones...Happy birthday to you sayang...mama and papa love you so much!

The party

This week we're going to organize a small birthday party for faris at McDonald...we've got a big hole in our we can only afford to invite our family members...insyallah, kalau ada rezeki next time boleh jemput kwn2 pulak...

The gifts

We actually bought separate gifts for faris...

I bought a playskool ride on (bukan fisherprice...setelah
ditest drive kat toys r us) and also a tools bench for faris.

The gifts from Mama

Mama...benda ni takleh pakai remote ke?

Papa on the other hand, said he doesn't want to buy anything since the party is on him...

However~he completely changed his mind once he saw this car which comes with a remote control.

Papa negotiating to get a good price..while faris do the posing~

Faris can't decide between a bike and a car...tang tangtut...keladi we we~

Papaku pulang dr kota...papaku belikan kereta...lalala~

Ni pulak ciuman istimewa drp bucu kabinet....muahh~lekat sampai besarla nampaknye!

Aku admit ada rasa sikit tergugat dgn hadiah papa yang macam best tu...but i guess it's not the price of the gifts or the amount of gifts that really matters to faris. What he really need is unconditional love and attention from us.

Mama doakan...semoga faris menjadi anak yang soleh dan berjaya. We've got many years ahead of us, sayang...mama wish only the best for you..and of course mama and papa will do the very best that we can for you!

Happy Birthday to you Muhammad Faris Iman!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Faris in black & white!

Ye...saya lah Muhammad Faris Iman ituuu!

Tak lama lagi genaplah setahun umur anak bujang aku ni. Hmmm....dah besar dah anak aku.

Teringat plak masa mula2 nampak muka faris dalam operation theatre. Hmm...bulatnya mata dia memandang aku...walaupun pandangan aku makin kabur kesan ubat bius...tapi sampai skang aku still terkenangkan waktu tu.

Muhammad Faris Iman. Faris- nama yang aku cari. Selebihnya...aku dapat daripada mimpi before aku disahkan pregnant. Seingat aku elok2 azan subuh...aku terbangun lepas mimpikan anak together dgn nama sekali. Then...hmmm~confirmed pregnant! Sounds drama swasta plak kan...hehehe~

Sekejap jek masa berlalu...pejam celik...daripada faris terbaring, duduk...sampaila berjalan. Oh ye...faris dah berjaya berjalan ye kengkawan sume....hari ni faris dah tak takut2 lagi nak jalan jauh2.Hmmmmmm~bangganyee tengok anak bujang aku ni accomplished from one stage to another. This is the best award ever.

Dulu aku dan papa selalu risau tengok gigi faris yang tak tumbuh2...huihhh~mana taknya tengok anak org lain sebaya faris semua dah tumbuh gigi. Rupanya faris kumpul gigi daa.....gigi faris naik 4 batang sekaligus....patutla dia demam panas teruk aritu....

Suatu ketika dulu....Faris tgh demam panas

Hmmm.....cerita pasal faris takkan habis. Sekarang yang jadi problem kat aku, nak cari hadiah utk faris pulak. Hadiah papa dah beli...dah guna dah pun....heheheee~ Hadiah faris aku ingat nak belikan dia....

benda ni


benda ni

Actually kami still tak decide lagi...harga dua2 pun sama...yang penting sebenarnye kepala agung cukup atau tak je....hahahaha~ Apapon....yang pastinya aku akan cuba dapatkan either one utk anak manja aku ni...yeaaay~mama shopping lagi!

"Mama...faris dah bole drive ni, ape kate bagi kereta ni je jadi hadiah faris, bole?"

"Aiseh...sejukla air ni mama...mana ade org mandi swimming pool pagi2~tido kan elok?"

"Lepak dengan wawan pon ok jugak...bole duet nanyi lagu burung kakak tua"

"Senang cerita main sorang2 pon syok....apela mama ni...dah pi main jauh2..syuuuuh~"

Friday, October 16, 2009

Lucky Day


Hari ni bos takde…happy deepavali bos!

Can finally browse fb and update this blog…never got these kinda chances before..ok!

Ohh, its definitely not because my boss is not around…no no no no!

It’s all thanx to the non functional websense…. suddenly gone kong and hopefully kong forever…heeee~

Note: Websense i s a San Diego-based company spe cializing in Web security gateway software . It enables clients (businesses and governments ) to block access to chosen categories of website.

Maybe they too are celebrating deepavali as well...theehehee~


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A toy for papa

Khamis minggu lepas aku pakat dengan reen nak pi lowyat/sogo utk belikan hadiah utk papa. Malang tak berbau softlan reen plak ade hearing sok paginye...maka cancel la hendaknye plan aku tu.

Tapi cam bese la...aku kalo nakkan something tu...aku nak jugak. Hehe...walaupon tu hadiah papa tapi aku plak yg lebey2. So aku ajak papa sendiri utk carik hadiahnye. Hadiahnye......adalah berupa....................teng,teng,teng!

Ye...sebuah PS2 utk papa!

Penat jgk mencarik kat lowyat tu...mane taknye sampai pon dah pukul 9mlm. Kami ingat ari jumaat lambatla kedai2 kat sana tutup...rupanya...hmmm~seawal boleh diorg nak tutup kedai. Nasib baik terjumpa satu kedai yang tokeynye tengah busy mengira duit mengemas barang...tanya punya tanya akhirnya kami beli dekat kedai tu je.

Akhirnya berjaya beli hadiah utk papa. Birthday papa? Hehe....sebenarnye birthday papa bulan depan...15hb November. Kami memang suka beli hadiah awal sebulan...baik papa atau aku. No element of surprise tapi kami suka...theheheheee~

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Aku sebenarnye dah lama nak update blog ni tapi tak penah ade kesempatan. Banyak benda yang aku kena uruskan...especially berkenaan si kecik faris ni.

Dalam gembira menyambut aidilfitri....faris tiba2 demam malam sabtu lepas. Aku ingat faris demam biasa je. So kami just bagi dia makan ubat yang doktor bagi dulu.

Menjelang tgh malam...demam faris makin tinggi, temperature around 39-40 degrees. Aku usahakan masuk ubat melalui bontot...dengan harapan temperature badan faris menurun. It turns out to be the other way around....tak menjadi sebaliknya makin tinggi. Dalam demam panas tu...faris tak merengek tapi stay calm tido sampai pagi...

Pagi ahad...kami tengok kaki faris dah berbintik if macam kena campak. Kami bawak faris pergi jupe doktor...unfortunately doktor pon takleh kompemkan samada campak...yang buat geram tu jawapannye..."campak kot".

Err~helloo....aren't you supposed to give us a medical advice instead of making assumption?Camtu aku pon nak jadik doktor gakla...main kot2 plak. Huhhh~

Malam ahad faris's condition was getting worst. Dari nak minum susu dan makan....malam tu dia definately tolak sume yang diberi. Kami pon klua carikkan mana2 pakar kanak2 yang bukak malam tu. Tapi nak buat camne...malam ahad takkan ada pakar kanak2 yang bukak.

Kami akhirnye pegi klinik yang berdekatan dgn rumah aje. Doktor kate faris terkena jangkitan tangan mulut dan kaki/ hand foot and mouth disease. Aku agak terkejut sebenarnye...bila masa pulak anak aku bole kena such disease since die tak dok kat nursery pon. Actually sampai skang it remains as a mystery...

Esoknya demam faris dah kebah cuma tak lalu makan or minum susu...tapi kami still insist utk bwk faris berjumpa dengan paed. Hasilnye...mmg positive dia kne jangkitan HFM...doktor kata ade almost 20 blisters dlm mulut faris...itu sebabnye dia tak lalu nak makan or minum.

Doktor kate takde jalan lain selain admit him to the ward. Kena masuk drip and all...which mata aku dah berpinar...rasa tak mampu nak buat sume tu to such a small boy...he's just 10mths old.

Nak tak nak...aku kena relakan. Thanx to Asia Assistance Medic card provided by my company...semuanya berjalan lancar. In terms of money...sume dah diuruskan.

Faris kne cucuk kat tangan to allow the doctor to put him on drip. Faris then was admitted to the ward. Fortunately it was a two bed ward. One for my baby and one for me.

Still having the drip on his hand doesnt make him stay still...mamat ni pusing sana sini...aghhh~i almost lose my temper. Finally...dia dah rimas agaknya tanpa aku sedari dia dah tarik sama itu drip.....akunye berdebar dgn darah yang memancut....huuuuhhhhhh~gelabah sungguh rasenye. Nurse datang then suh aku tekan kat tempat yg berdarah tu..


Dia bole buat selambe badak je tarik jarum tu tengok darah meleleh.....berani betul mamat ni.

Tu kesan darah kat cadar tu tak lain tak bukan keje mamat tu laa..time ni dia tgh bersenang lenang tanpa drip terikat...suka tak hingat!

Tak lame tu...Dr Hasmawati, the paed came to the rescue. This time doktor cucuk tangan yg lain then ikat tgn sebelahnye supaya faris tak boleh bukak or tarik lagi. Kesiann....tapi nak buat camne...faris ni mmg lasak, kalo dibiarkan tak lame lagi dia tarik lagi.

Sempat senyum walaupon sakit...aku tau dia tgh menahan sakit sebenarnya.

Seharian aku dengan faris satu apa pon dia tak jamah. Doktor kata kalo faris dah nak makan maka bolehla discharge. Aku menunggu saat tu...tak sanggup tgk anak aku yg kecik ni berikat..

Malam tu papa datang...suka faris tengok muka papa dia.At least dapatla faris bermanja kejap dengan papanye.

Cut story short...esoknya faris nak jamah sekeping roti. Alhamdulillah menjelang tengahari kami dah bole balik...dengan berbekalkn ubat utk faris. Walaupon taknak minum susu...asalkan dia nak minum air suam/ makan dah cukup baik.

Alhamdulillah...faris makin pulih...walaupon amik masa tapi aku bersyukur sebab masih ada peluang utk melihat anak aku...pengalaman ni walaupon sangat meletihkan tp byk mengajar aku erti bersabar dan bersyukur.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aidilfitri pertama buat Faris

Raya tahun ni raya pertama buat faris. ..excited sungguh rasenye...aku la yg excited...faris bese je kot..haha. Tapi sebabkan over excited aku tu....terbawak2 sampai kedalam mimpi maka terjadila peristiwa teroverdose tdo di pagi raya....huhu.

Oleh sebab aku and papa ter-overdose tdo..pagi raya kami semua bangun lambat. Aku bangun2 tengok jam dah pukul 7...alamak! kelam kabut tak hingat. At last papa yang nak sembahyang raya kat masjid putrajaya end up sembahyang kat masjid belakang rumah kami...nak buat camne...overdose daa~

So sementara papa pi sembahyang...aku sempat snap gamba faris pakai kopiah n baju melayu...hee~comeynyee anak mama ni!

Elok papa balik rumah...aku snap plak gamba kami sekeluarga. See~baju aku kurang matching dengan mamat berdua ni kan? Nak buat camne...planning bertukar last minute..bedal aje~

Mesti korang tertanya knape aku tak balik raya kat umah mak aku kan? Actually aku balik...sepatutnya kami bertolak awal cam aku kate ter-overdose di pagi raya memang mengundang lepas papa balik sembahyang barula kami berangkat balik umah mak aku. Berangkat ke mana?


Hehe...putrajaya jek pon...kecoh je lebey~

Sampai kat umah mak aku tau2 sume dah makan. Aku ngan papa dah kebulur ni....ish, takleh tahan...ape yang ada terhidang atas meja tu la yg kitorg bedal..amik gamba ke hape ke...tu tolak tepi...hehe!

Sementara kitorg tengah giat bersantap...anak aku abis kene buli dgn sepupu2 die...kesian kene cium secara bergilir-gilir. Sib baikla budak2 ni kecik lagi kalo tak aku caj setiap ciuman RM1....ekekekee~ cam jual anak plak.

Ni satu lagi gamba kene dera...aiseh...kesian tulaa kate tulah...dulu aku suke buli anak buah aku...skang turn anak buah aku plak buli anak aku...nak kate ape?

Tapi raya tahun ni tade gamba keluarga beramai2..sebabnye tak lain tak bukan kami semua dok pi ambush kedai gamba sbb nak amik gamba kat studio. Jadi buat masa ni takde la gamba keluarga yang bole aku published kan kat sini...

Esoknye kami ke beraya ke merata tempat....sempat amik few photos....dan aku pon perasan...hmmm~muka aku makin bulat dan badan makin naik.....ohhh~wat to do....time raya ni asik makan, makan dan makan..heheee~

Ni plak gamba faris dengan papanye...dorg ni memang takleh dipisahkan....mana ade papa situ la faris.....kamcing btul mamat berdua ni...cume kalo papa pi merokok...tu mestilaa dipisahkan...kang tak pepasal plak anak aku gian bau rokok..

Anak bujang aku yang suke bermanja dengan papanye

Raya ke lima...kami dah tak berjalan kemana-mana. Dok rumah...walaupon aku cuti seminggu...esoknye papa dah nak kemas elok la dok rumah...penat jugak berjalan sana sini...

So officially faris kembali membuat hobi kesukaan die...iaitu menyepahkan seluruh pelusuk rumah dengan mainan die...sukati la...janji dia bahagia~