Friday, April 23, 2010

Budak sekarang dan pensel

Semalam terbaca harian metro tentang kisah rogol budak 14thn oleh rakan sekelas yg mana sebatang pensel sepanjang 4cm ditemui di dalam alat sulit mangsa rogol dan tak disedari langsung oleh mangsa selama 8 hari!! This is rather shocking especially when the kids are becoming more creative in sexual intercourse. A pencil?

Aku simpati pada mangsa...menurut laporan metro beliau adalah anak terbuang dan tinggal di rumah kebajikan. For me she is a brave person to have gone thru all this and still living. Worst still the doctor confirmed that she is one month pregnant...the result of another rape earlier than this.

With all these kinda things...aku pening kepala. Especially being a mom now...i worried about my child's future...his environment..etc. Last week, while we was having a supper at a nasik lemak stall with papa's friends we actually had this kinda discussion. The friends are teacher of secondary school so they keep on whining about the kids nowadays...etc. But their complaints are different. Their complaints are the same of my teachers...being lazy and disrespect of teachers etc. So when they bombarded me with the issue of generation gap...i just felt it's too lame to discuss.

But if they give me the example of this one rape case...i may agree with their views. I may agree that something must be done to save our younger generation.

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