Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lovey dovey-mode of the day

Haha...berjaya menukar layout setelah lama! Many thanks to simplychics blog background for this cute layout...got a lot of design...rambang mata ok!

Ye,ye...aku tau aku nampak macam takde keje (bole tak perasan sendiri~ngehe). Currently im waiting for my PC..pheww~i've gone thru a lot of hassle in filing the application to resume practise. So..wat masa skang..bole la melihat keindahan internet..hee~

This is my second week here....and the best effort i made so far was to kemas this room so that it looks nice and neat...haha...(fahamilah org yg dh lama takde bilik...last time aku hanyalah si kuli yg duduk dlm cubicle..ohh~)

One more thing i'm really sucks at is in instructing staff....but a friend of mine said not to worry as it will comes naturally within weeks...huhuuuu~ye ke?How to instruct people without being bossy and still be nice?

Ok...i really sounds like i just got admitted to the bar...macam tak penah keje,ok!It all thanks to the past experience...now i really feel so awkward.

Hmm..gotta go home now and start to think...err, or lemme think tomorrow laa...


  1. marina, all the best!! welcome back to black& white field ^_^

  2. marina, ini new link blog aku: ^_^


  3. Thanx susan! feel so much like a newly admitted lawyer...hehe~

    Ok, noted...aku dah tuka link to ur blog.